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Biography and writing aims

About me

'Ian Kingsley' is a fiction pseudonym I now use because most people misspell my real surname – a distinct disadvantage when ordering a book! I was born in Peterborough but have lived most of my life on the south coast of Dorset. I have written a number of non-fiction works on science and technology and have worked in research and development, as an analogue and digital design engineer, and then as a technical author and technical publications manager involved in numerous military and commercial projects. So writing has been the focus for most of my career. I am married with two children and four grandchildren.

Publishing fiction has always been my real ambition. Finally I got around to it with my debut novel: SANDMAN. I have to say that, for someone who has spent a whole lot of time writing and editing non-fiction, writing fiction is far more challenging. I hope you enjoy the results. I am always pleased when readers contact me: good news encourages me to write more; bad news might just influence the way I write.

My latest publication is Reality Check: Science Meets Religion. This has to be the most unusual book I have ever written. I hope it will help people who struggle to believe in God. As the title suggests, the book aims to show science and religion are compatible: if you have the right aspect.

If you like my books, please consider writing a reader review on Amazon - or your favourite alternative online bookseller; that would be fantastic and I would be most grateful. If you don't like one of them, why not email to tell me why (unless I just don't write the kind of things that appeals to you).

Writing aims

I love Dorset, hence the chosen setting for my debut novel: SANDMAN. Writing fiction has always been my long-term ambition and I now have the time to achieve this. I do hope you like the work I produce. Expect it to be eclectic; I would get bored writing a series. I do, however, have a bias towards psychological thrillers. What interests me most is exploring how unusual circumstances throw ordinary people into extraordinary situations. I'm interested in their psychology and getting into their heads to see what it does to them. In the case of SANDMAN this involves getting into several heads, and it allows me to explore the conflicting emotions of two men locked into a head-to-head battle, both of whom feel aggrieved.

Over the years I have developed various methods to aid the process of writing and I intend to publish articles on these in the hope they will help other writers. Some are implementations of existing processes and others are unique.


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