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About Me
This section includes a Biography and information about my writing aims.

This section includes details about my books including reviews, extracts, and other background information.

This section includes articles for both writers and newbie website owners - particularly newbie author website owners! This is based upon the fact I have been webmaster and editor of my own worldwide travel site,, for many years now. When reading about such matters it is difficult to quickly get out of your depth. My aim here is to assume little to no previous knowledge. I hope it helps authors with any difficult decisions they may have in this direction.

Author Services
This section explains the assessment/feedback services I offer to fellow authors. It is always helpful to get independent feedback on one's work - particularly how a book's opening strikes a new reader, or a proposed cover image - and I try to offer this in a quick and cost-effective manner whenever I can. This section indicates how long such services are likely to take given my current workload. It can sometimes be in less than a week.

From this section you can visit my author blog. If you are in a reading group you can access helpful notes, and creative writing students can consider the novel in much more depth.

This section provides media information to aid publishing material related to myself and the books detailed on this website. Or just contact me!

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